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Elite Golf In Months Not Years

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What is GolfCode 360?

The Basics Of Golf

Off Tee

Here you will learn to make full swings off the tee accurately with maximum distance.

Off Ground

Here you will learn to make full swings off the ground to your target with accurate, repeatable distance.

Partial Swing

Here you will learn all swings that are not full swings. This skill sets apart the good from the great, and the great from elite.


Here you will learn how to putt, the great equalizer. It doesn't take athletic ability, so everyone has the same opportunity to be a great putter.


Golf Science

The human body and physics have not changed, so why haven't we arrived at a standard for golf yet? Our simple, organized golf system has become that standard. Golf will be taught, performed and analyzed the same as all other Olympic sports. Our system is based on objective biomechanical facts, not subjective personal preference, tradition or theories; no more confusing, made-up golf jargon and conflicting theories.

About Jay Lim

Jay Lim was a normal golfer just like you! Within 6 months of playing golf, he achieved a 0 handicap, and within 18 months, he scored sub-par. In the last 10 years, he has been reproducing these kinds of results in amateur golfers with his SINGLE DIGIT HANDICAP SYSTEM. His methods are embodied here in GOLF CODE 360.

In all other sports, the motion is not the controversy. In Gymnastics, there is one back-handspring performed the same way regardless of the size of each athlete. In Olympic Sports, the practice method is the controversy, but in golf, the movement itself is still a subject of discussion, even with its 100-year history. There are different swings at the highest level of golf, but we need to understand that they are all a version of the one ideal swing - a biomechanically efficient swing.

Our system uses this perfect ideal swing as a foundation for both performance and measure. We will always be working toward the right way, instead of trying to eliminate an endless list of wrong ways or things to avoid. Trying to eliminate all the wrong will not get you to the right way, but moving toward the right way automatically eliminates all the wrong ways.

Elite Golf In Months Not Years

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